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The Purpose of War

In today’s world we have people who believe that everyone should live peacefully but we all know that this task is impossible because we are people. There will always be disagreements, dissappointments, unfairness and the list could go on and on. The question of the purpose of war seems to only surface when there is a war. The question we should ask is where would this country be if we had no wars. Many believe that God does not agree with war but the master teacher in the Holy scriptures said we would have rumors of wars. Where ever you go in the world you will find battles. People battle in there minds, on the job, in the family, neighbrhoods, cities and countries. Where would this world be if people did not fight for what’s right. There is an old saying that states “If you don’t fight for something;you will fall for anything”. Even though we lose loved ones in these wars, the scarfices can produce salvation to so many individuals. One problem that most people have is thatif they don’t the true purpose of a thing they will abuse it and I believe that is what is happening to our beliefs in war. At one point it was an honor to serve your country and you were respected and rewarded for doing so. My have the times changed. Many of our service men and women enlist for the wrong reasons not for the true purpose but for self purpose. The civilians at home have no idea what the purpose for war is because they can’t see beyond death. Death is something that we all must face one day and it really does not matter how we reach it because it is inevitable. The conclusion to this all is that it really does not matter what the purpose for war is because war will continue as long as we live and breath in this present world and the only peace that we will ever know is when we leave and enter the next one.

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