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Sarah James, despite her successes, is still “the same”. New song online!

Sara James not only develops her career on the domestic music market at a dizzying pace, but also begins to boldly enter the international arena, for example thanks to her performance in the American “Got Talent”. Despite her successive achievements, Sara assures that she still feels the same cheerful teenager, as she talks about in her latest single entitled “Taka Sama”

Sara James took part in the casting of the American edition of “Got Talent” . At the jury hearing, she sang the song “Lovely” by Billie Eilish . During the month, the video of her performance recorded over 15 million views.

“We’ve heard a lot of singers over the years, but it was wow! Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but you have a real star glow in you,” said 14-year-old Simon Cowell after the show .

The juror decided to press the Golden Button, giving the Polish singer a direct advance to the quarter-finals. Sarah’s mother appeared on the stage to hug her and offer her congratulations. The touched girl did not hide her tears. All four jurors applauded the teenager standing up.

At the beginning of August, the full line-up of quarter-finalists will be announced – on August 2, the episode in which the jurors will make the final decisions will be shown. The first quarter-final will take place one week later, on August 9.

The newest song, Fri “Taka” is a strong candidate for the hit of summer parties and holiday expeditions.

The dance beat of the song is ear-catching very quickly and it will be hard to get rid of it quickly! To encourage the audience to play together even more, she released a lyric video that fans can include in singing together at summer karaoke.


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