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It’s Broke, Sam – Time To Fix It!

Politicians are elected to represent the needs of the majority of people, not to cater to the complaints of the minorities because of antiquated laws that need to be changed! Everyone knows these laws are being abused, but nothing is being done to change them. The “People” are losing ground inch-by-inch because loopholes exist within present laws that allow a “complainer” and his/her attorney to challenge the system, and win! Many of the Ideals and principles Americans have accepted and believed in for over two centuries have been changed. People complain and moan about it, but no pressure is being applied upon politicians to modify these laws. There’s definitely something wrong with our “System” when our laws do not protect the Will Of The People, and cater to the complaints of the minorities, instead.

And, why do we offer the protection and benefits of the Geneva Convention and the Red Cross to individuals, countries and organizations, such as terrorist groups, who do not accept or believe in them. Because it’s the civilized thing to do? How can you justify that statement to the parents of men who have recently been decapitated? Terrorists are using the weaknesses contained within our System and beliefs to wreak their havoc upon us. Americans do not advocate war, but sometimes it becomes a necessity. While using a knife to take the life of an enemy is a routine practice in war, it is not done for its “shock” value. If an enemy does not honor the requirements of the Geneva Convention, they should not be accorded the protection it provides. Our politicians, like Bush and Rumsfeld, should not have their hands tied when trying to protect our troops, allies and the Ameican people against terrorists. The rules, tools and methods of combative engagement should be mutually agreed upon by both sides, and when it isn’t, Americans should be allowed to do whatever is necessary to protect themselves and our people and allies. If you agree with me, please tell others about this article … perhaps it will be read by people who have the ability to get laws changed. And if you don’t agree, you’re certainly welcome to voice your opinion, as I have done.

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